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Togetherall online community for mental health support

A lady uses a laptop on her bed

We're pleased to offer multi-award winning digital mental health and wellbeing service togetherall™, which provides peer and professional support, creative self-expression, evidence-based courses and tips for managing anxiety, positive thinking, smoking cessation and weight management.

Formally known as Big White Wall, Togetherall provides access to millions with anxiety, depression and other common mental health issues. Through online chat with peers, courses offering vital wellbeing skills and clinical support, users can take control and feel better from home.

Togetherall allows you to get things off your chest, have conversations, express yourself creatively and learn how to manage your mental health. Most members report feeling better and more able to cope as a result of using the service and because it’s available 24/7, nearly 70% use Togetherall outside of normal office hours.

A useful feature of Togetherall is it's online chat, which allows people to share their experiences, feelings and their personal wellbeing strategies. Users can take part in these discussions completely anonymously in a safe community that is moderated 24/7 by trained practitioners.

Togetherall can be used on a smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

This video will give you an in-depth explanation of the Togetherall platform and the community, courses and resources.