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Digital Skills

Free casual courses and drop ins to introduce you to the digital world

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Did you Know?

It is estimated that around 16% of the UK population are unable to browse the Internet and use technology devices without assistance.

Why is this a Problem?

With more services going online and removing face to face contact, it is assumed that everyone has the capacity to adjust to this new digital age.

What is it?

Free six week course:

At Solent Mind, we have created a free casual 6 week course into the digital world, set in a safe and calm environment based across Hampshire.

Here you can learn how to:

  • Navigate phones, tablets, and computers confidently
  • Browse the Internet safely
  • Create an email account and communicate online
  • Access GP’s and mental health services online
  • Order groceries and shop online
  • Have fun with technology and build confidence

Free drop ins:

Do you have a technical issue with your personal device?

Is there something you would like to do online but would like some assistance with?

Do you want to learn something specific digitally on your personal device?

Then please come along to the digital drop In!

When is it?

Free six week course:

Get in touch to find out when and where the next course is running.

Free drop ins:

Every Friday from 1pm until 3pm at Mayfield Garden Centre and Cafe, everyone is welcome to drop in for some digital help.

Who is it for?

Anyone who needs support with digital skills in Southampton, Portsmouth and Southern Hampshire.

Contact details

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about this opportunity, please contact Simon on 07966474188 or email