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Anchoring Minds

Giving families of Royal Navy and Royal Marines serving personnel the emotional wellbeing support they need and deserve.

Anchoring Minds is an emotional wellbeing service within Solent Mind providing support in the community to Royal Navy and Royal Marine families in Portsmouth, Fareham, Gosport and the Isle of Wight, in partnership with the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity and Solent NHS Trust. 

We want to ensure families of serving personnel know how and where to access wellbeing and mental health support when they need it. We understand that living with a partner, child or parent in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines creates a unique set of challenges, that can at times put pressure on your mental health or wellbeing. With frequent moving, stress around deployment and loneliness to contend with, families can sometimes need some extra support.

From the 86 people we spoke to 63% reported loneliness as one of the greatest challenges of being part of a serving family, 70% reported deployment was one of the greatest challenges and 74% reported having experienced poor mental health or well-being.

Anchoring Minds can help you:
  • Access the support you need.
  • Offer a friendly chat with someone who understands what you are going through.
  • Provide access to peer support groups for you to join
  • Offer free courses to improve your wellbeing or longer term support.

The service is run by staff with lived experience, and we are in constant discussions with the military family community to ensure this service is as relevant as possible.

Who is it for?

We understand that families come in all different forms, so we are here to support ANYONE who has a loved one in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines and is based in Portsmouth, Fareham, Gosport or the Isle of Wight.

You don't need a mental health diagnosis, or a GP referral. This service is available to people who are really struggling with their mental health, as well as individuals who are just feeling a bit low and want some advice or to talk to someone who understands. For any other enquiries, or to self refer yourself; Please use the form below.

Courses & Workshops

Access free courses designed specifically for families of serving Naval personnel. The courses are design to teach you how to take control of your own mental health, and learn techniques to better your mental wellbeing:

  • Surviving being a Military Partner 

Our online course is an opportunity to meet other military partners and learn tips for managing your wellbeing.

The 4 session course has been developed by practitioners who are military partners themselves, for anyone who is in a relationship with a serving member of the armed forces.

Surviving being a military partner - More information

Contact Details

Professional Referrals: To refer someone to Anchoring Minds, please fill out the referral form and send it to

For any other enquiries, or to self refer yourself; Please use the form below. 

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