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Wellbeing app expands to support teenagers and young people

'Solent Mind - Wellbeing' has updated it's pocket size mental heath app to include specific support for teenagers and young people.

A teenager sits with his headphones in looking at his phone

After a year of mobile mental health for adults, Solent Mind’s highly-rated wellbeing app has expanded, with its latest update aiming to support teenagers and young people.

This latest version of the app includes a new section for teenagers who can now experience wellbeing tips and interactive activities to help them gain a stronger understanding of their own mental health.

Emma Dunbar, Solent Mind Digital Services Lead, said: "This app has been developed after consultation with our service users. The focus is on supporting not just mental wellbeing, but physical wellbeing too. I am really excited to announce the latest update featured a whole interactive module dedicated to children and young people.

"The last couple of years have been difficult for a lot of people. This app focuses on life skills, from building self-awareness to developing better coping techniques and resilience.”

The adult side of the app was well-received with a 4.7 app store rating, and early reviews of the new update suggests a similar trend.

The practical and easy-to-use ‘Happy Me in 123’ supports teenagers in understanding how they feel so that they can make positive changes and create new habits in their life.

Gaynor Murphy, Founder of Habits to Happiness Kids, explained: "“Happy me in 123 is a teenage friendly, interactive tool that gives young people free access to all they need to know to be able to discover and grow their own habits to happiness. Putting them in control of what’s going on inside at a time when everything outside feels so uncertain.” 

From there, the app provides access to interactive resources and personalised activities; leading them on an exploration of the link between mental and physical health with food and exercise guides.

The app is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, just search ‘Solent Mind’. Leave a rating of the app, and a review to help us continue to evolve what we offer.

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