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Free workshops to help with anxiety and low moods launch next month

Positive Minds launching their autumn 2021 workshops.

A number of workshops to help people with issues around anxiety, depression and low moods will be launched next month by our PositiveMinds service in Portsmouth.

The workshops will resume in early September, and some will remain available until the start of December. The workshops on offer are:

· Anxiety & Stress (Mondays at 2pm for four weeks)

You will focus on learning new skills to reduce the worrying and overthinking you might have about situations in your life. These thoughts may be on a day-to-day basis or about a particular situation.

Available start dates: 6 September, 11 October, or 15 November.

· Depression and Low Mood (Tuesdays at 2pm for four weeks)

This workshop is designed to give you the skills to tackle negative thinking patterns and find small behaviours that may support you with your motivation and wellbeing. This course will be beneficial if you struggle to find the drive to get things done.

Available start dates: 7 September, 12 October, or 16 November.

· Assertive Communication and Self Esteem (Wednesdays at 2pm for two weeks)

This workshop focuses on encouraging you to realise you have a voice and it is important. It can also provide skills to boost thoughts about yourself, realise your self-worth and learn how to deal with difficult conversations, and saying 'no'.

Available start dates: 8 September, 29 September, 20 October, 10 November, or 1 December.

· The Decider: Life Skills (Mondays at 11am for six weeks)

This workshop is designed to enable you to make effective changes in how you manage distress. This includes learning to recognise and manage our emotions, help our brains develop positive habits, and communicate more effectively. The aim is to live a more skilful, less impulsive life.

Available start dates: 9 September, or 28 October.

· 5 Ways to Wellbeing (Thursdays at 2pm for six weeks)

This workshop covers several simple topics that can improve your wellbeing and mental health. This is for those who want a little bit of overall support, perhaps if you are not sure where to start and are looking for inspiration.

Available start dates: 9 September, or 28 October.

To be eligible to sign up, you must be; Registered with Positive Minds, 18+ and a Portsmouth resident registered with a GP within PO1 – PO6 postcode.

If you are interested contact the Positive Minds team on 02392 824795, or email For more information on Positive Mind, visit their website: https://www.positivemindsports... 

If you live outside these areas, please visit our services for details of what’s available in your area.

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