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Peer support

        Our peer support groups give people the
        opportunity to give and receive help with those
        who’ve had similar experiences.

        “I was able to talk about myself, my situation and my family, to
        someone outside of my situation.
        Just unloading and being sympathetically listened to enabled me to
        think more positively. Our conversation was a few weeks ago and
        I’ve been able to review my life and get things into perspective.
        Now, a few weeks on, I still have a positive attitude and instead of
        feeling I can’t do things I now think maybe I can and I want to give
        things a try. Instead of having no energy to cope, I’m finding I now
        have the energy after all. I’m less anxious and worried.
        I am now able to help other people, which I used to be able to do,
        as I now feel back on track. Thank you again.”
        Service User, Community Peer Navigation

                                  Over 350

                                  people attended our
                                  Side by Side peer
                                  support groups in
                                  Southampton and
                                  the New Forest

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