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Welcome from our Chair of Trustees and our Chief Executive

        you can read about how we are   This is also a great opportunity
        delivering the strategic priorities   to express our very large debt
        in our 2020 Vision, and actual   of gratitude to our Trustees,
        examples from real life stories   Staff, Volunteers, Members and
        that demonstrate the impact we   Service Users - the dedication
        are having through empowering   and commitment of whom
        people to make a positive     makes everything possible by
        difference to their lives.    inspiring hope for recovery and
                                      a better life.
        2018-19 has been a year of
        change at Board level. We bid   Thank you.
        a very great thank you and
        farewell to our long-serving                                  John Wilderspin          Kevin Gardner
        Chair and Treasurer, Ros                                      Chair of Trustee Board   CEO
        Cassy and Peter Hanlon. We                                          @JohnWilderspin          @SolentMindCEO
        also welcomed a new intake
        of Trustees (including our new
        Chair!) who bring fresh eyes
        as we reassess our vision and
        strategic direction, to ensure
        we remain relevant and fit for
        purpose as the next decade
        approaches, with all the
        challenges this brings.

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