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We’re Solent Mind, the                        Welcome from our Chair of Trustees and our Chief Executive
          leading mental health
        charity across Hampshire.                        Our annual review gives us the   over future economic prosperity
                                                         opportunity to pause and take   which in turn threatens the
        We’re here to make sure                          stock of the progress we are   vulnerable, those in poverty and
          anyone with a mental                           making towards our vision and   in marginalised sections of the
                                                         objectives. It is also a time to
                                                                                      community – people already
            health problem has                           reflect on where we go next as   disproportionately affected by
          somewhere to turn for                          an organisation, as we strive   poor mental health, stigma and
           advice and support.                           to ensure people experiencing   lack of access to the services
                                                         mental health issues receive
                                                                                      they need.
                                                         the support they need and the   In this climate, however, we
                                                         respect they deserve.
                                                                                      are pleased to report that
                                                         The world in which we        Solent Mind remains in good
                                                         operate continues to present   shape to ensure that anyone
                                                         enormous challenges. Years of   with a mental health issue has
                                                         austerity have left a backlog of   somewhere to turn to for advice
                                                         underinvestment in essential   and support. We do this through
                                                         public services, particularly in   efficient and effective service
                                                         relation to prevention and early   delivery, sustainable financial
                                                         intervention, and we are now   performance and sound
                                                         seeing the only too predictable   governance. The rich vein of
                                                         consequences of growing      personal lived experience that
                      Solent                             demand for support and       runs throughout the Solent Mind
                                                         increasing complexity of need.
                                                                                      community, enables unique and
                                                         The unresolved issue of Brexit   compassionate support and
                                                         casts a shadow of uncertainty   advice. In the pages that follow,

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