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Our 2020                                       Heads Up                            “Upturn’s support isn’t

                                                       Our Southampton and New Forest
                                                                                           about pinpointing every
        Vision:                                        young people’s service ran a pilot   worry or bad situation: it’s
                                                                                           about learning the skills
                                                       workshop with parents this year,
                                                       helping them learn more about       I need to help me cope
        ➋  Everyone supported by                       how they can support their child’s   better in everyday life.”
            Solent Mind to know                        mental health and look after their   Service user, Upturn
            how they can achieve                       own wellbeing as part of a whole-   Fareham and Gosport
                                                       family approach.
                                                                                           Young Persons Project
            good mental wellbeing.
                                                       Of the parents surveyed after the   Our Workplace Wellbeing
        We are working across our                      sessions:                          training empowers

        services to make sure that                                                        businesses to care
        everyone supported by                           94%              95%              confidently for colleagues
                                                                                          who may experience a
        Solent Mind knows how                          said their       said they         mental health problem, and to
        they can achieve good                          confidence       would be          incorporate positive wellbeing

        mental wellbeing.                              in supporting  able to use         in their office every day.

                                                       their child’s    at least          “Hearing personal

                                                       mental           one of the        experiences and stories

                                                       health had       techniques        made this session so much
                                                       improved         they had          better. I learned so much
                                                                        learnt, at        about mental health today
                                                                                          and how to talk to people
                                                                        home              and approach them.”
                                                                                          Workplace Wellbeing

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