Page 4 - Annual Report 2018
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… and our Chief Executive

It is with tremendous pride that I welcome you to Solent
Mind’s Annual Review for 2017-18.
Our world continues to be one shaped by political turbulence
and economic uncertainty. Reduced investment in public
services, alterations to benefits entitlement, changes in
demographics and increased demand are placing great
pressure on the NHS and local authorities to meet needs
for health, housing and care. Despite Government promises
of funding, concerns and lack of transparency persist as to
whether these translate into actual increases in resources
for the 1 in 4 people who experience issues with mental
health. Charities also face growing challenges, the Oxfam
revelations in the past year prompting us to further review
our safeguarding practices, to give assurance these remain
suitably robust.
And yet, every day our services are helping people make Kevin Gardner
a positive difference to their lives. As Hampshire’s leading CEO
mental health charity, we influence policy and decision @SolentMindCEO
making, ensuring the voice of lived experience is at the heart
of service planning. We promote awareness of mental health
issues and challenge stereotypes, to reduce stigma. All of
this happens through the dedication and commitment of our
trustees, staff, volunteers, members and service users – the
heart and soul of Solent Mind - to whom I express my utmost
gratitude and admiration.

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