Page 8 - Solent Mind Annual Report 2017
P. 8
We’ve helped people to Our team of Advocacy volunteers play an important role in
be heard visiting people in care homes and hospitals to ensure their
rights are being upheld and they are being treated fairly.
Our Advocates support people in times of need. Having a The service continues to grow and in July 2016 we launched
mental health problem can mean that you are not offered our new Portsmouth Advocacy Service with Choices
the choices you would like, or that you have difficulty in Advocacy.
expressing your opinions. Our Advocacy teams across
Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton have helped people Looking forward
to express their views, exercise their rights, and access
services and information. We look forward to continuing to work with our partner
advocacy organisations to promote the rights of vulnerable
Working in the local community, hospitals and mental health people across the region.
units, we are now a lead provider of advocacy services
in partnership with Choices Advocacy, Havant and East In the last year,
Hants Mind, Speakeasy Advocacy and Winchester Gold. we supported over
We continue to give Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy
support, helping people to return home after hospitalisation, 1,970
and provide Independent Mental Health Advocacy support
to people detained under the Mental Health Act in ten acute vulnerable
units across the region. people

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