Page 4 - Solent Mind Annual Report 2017
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and our Chief Executive

It’s an honour for me to be welcoming you to Solent Mind’s I wish to record my thanks to our trustees, staff and
Annual Review, as the new Chief Executive. This is a very volunteers, whose passion and commitment has never failed
exciting time to be joining our organisation. Almost every day to impress me. Most of all, though, I am continually inspired
now, mental health is featuring in the daily news agenda. by those individuals who have achieved positive change in
Awareness is growing, public attitudes are changing, and their lives through engagement with our services. You can
stigma is reducing, with more and more figures in public read a selection of their personal stories in the pages ahead.
life openly sharing their experiences. The Government’s
acceptance of the recommendations of the Five Year Forward
View for Mental Health creates a wonderful opportunity for
health and social care partners to work together in a more
co-ordinated way, through sustainability and transformation
partnerships, to bring about better outcomes for individuals
experiencing mental health issues. The upcoming review
of the Mental Health Act and green paper on children and
young people, offer further opportunities to address decades
of inequality and achieve sustainable long term change.
Our passion and values, reputation, professionalism, good
governance and financial control, close community ties and
richness of lived experience at our core, mean Solent Mind
is excellently placed to bring our influence to bear and help
shape the future.

Kevin Gardner, Chief Executive

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