Page 10 - Solent Mind Annual Report 2017
P. 10
We’ve improved people’s Looking forward
We are delighted to have been awarded a new wellbeing
If you’re living with a mental health problem, getting support service contract from Hampshire County Council. Working in
with your wellbeing can help you cope with day-to-day life. partnership with Andover and Havant & East Hants Minds, we
Our friendly and welcoming Wellbeing Centres in Eastleigh, will continue to develop and expand our wellbeing services
Fareham and Gosport, the New Forest, Portsmouth and across all our centres.
Winchester offer a busy programme of groups and activities.
Fareham and Gosport
We help people learn new skills, support each other and Wellbeing service
learn techniques to improve and maintain their wellbeing. held over
From managing anxiety and building confidence, to
mindfulness, yoga and relaxation techniques, we help people 1,100
build on the five steps to wellbeing: Connect, Give, Notice, Be
Active, Learn. different group sessions

Our growing number of peer-led groups, run by and for
people with mental health issues, give people the opportunity
to share their personal experiences. Over the next year we
will be offering more opportunities for people to get active
and connect with others through peer support.

Our partnerships with other agencies have helped us to give
advice on accessing benefits, housing and living skills, and
overcoming barriers to employment, education and training.

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