Page 4 - Solent Mind Annual Report 2016
P. 4
… and our Chief Executive Officer

It is a huge privilege working for Solent Mind. The stories Richard Barritt, Chief Executive Officer
in this Annual Review of people finding refuge, gaining
independence, of lives transformed, of confidence regained,
are truly inspiring. And the scale on which we now work -
tens of thousands of people whose lives we touch across
Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton - brings us a step
closer to our goal of creating resilient, supportive, mentally
healthy communities.

These are great achievements, but some of the work that
we would want to tackle has only just begun. We now
have better evidence in society of how we can prevent
mental health issues developing or getting worse. We are
determined, therefore, to play a greater role in tackling
emerging mental health issues in children and young people.
And we want people with lived experience - already in the
majority amongst our staff and volunteers - to be leading
and delivering mental health services as a matter of course.
Nothing inspires like the knowledge, when you are going
through the worst of times, that someone else has gone
through the same experience, come out the other side, and
is now there for you. With the support of our funders and
partners, everything that we do in Solent Mind is delivered
through our staff, volunteers and trustees. This Annual
Review is a tribute both to their dedication and skill, and to
the achievements of the people we serve.

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