Page 6 - Solent Mind Annual Report 2015
P. 6
Looking forward

Our Vision for the next five years...

Whatever someone’s mental health they should be accepted, By 2020 we want:
and given the same support as anyone with a physical health
condition. That’s why we won’t give up until everyone > Everyone with a mental health issue to trust Solent Mind to
experiencing a mental health problem gets both support and be on their side and find support.
respect. Not everyone’s experience of a mental health
condition is the same, that’s why we want everything we do > Everyone supported by us to know how they can achieve
to be: good mental wellbeing.

> Driven by those who use our services > People with lived experience of mental health issues to
design, deliver and lead our mental health services.
> Individually tailored

> Delivered by valued people.

Our five year vision to 2020 sets out our aims for the next
five years, everything will we do will be driven by these aims
to ensure people with mental health problems get the best
possible care and support.

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