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Connect 5

Connect 5

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Connect 5 is delivered by our partners at Havant and East Hants Mind

Connect 5 is a 3-session programme that aims to support workers, volunteers and organisations to promote better mental health and wellbeing for the people they work with at Hampshire County Council.

Learning outcomes:

Session 1 (Half day)

  • Develop your skills and confidence to discuss mental health and wellbeing issues within your daily practice
  • Explain mental health and wellbeing by using specific public health models and self-help principles
  • Recognise the qualities and attitudes needed to promote mental health and wellbeing
  • Identify local mental health and wellbeing resources and services that support your community

Session 2 (Full day)

  • Apply the fives areas model in conversations about mental health and wellbeing
  • Recognise the nature and extent of mental health and wellbeing issues being presented and how best to deal with it
  • Practice skills needed to start, follow and end a conversation about mental health and wellbeing
  • Identify steps that can be taken to improve mental health
  • Identify local services and resources that help break the vicious cycle and improve mental health and wellbeing

Session 3 (Full day)

  • Integrate brief mental health and wellbeing intervention with your existing knowledge and skills so as to offer more effective support
  • Facilitate the use of self-management strategies to support successful change processes
  • Apply practical strategies and techniques relating to the five area model
  • Work collaboratively with client to agree a way forward
  • Integrate the use of self-help resources and interventions into practice
  • Identify self-management strategies and resources to support others
Who is it for?

Workers, volunteers and organisations affiliated to Hampshire County Council who want to promote better mental health and wellbeing for people they work with.