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The Solent Mind Wellbeing App

Say hello to mobile mental health with practical exercises and tools in your pocket; straight from our wellbeing experts.

The Solent Mind Wellbeing App

This new complimentary wellbeing tool is designed to support you on your mental health journey and to make it easier for you to look after your emotional wellbeing.

Keeping on top of your mental health is something everyone can benefit from. Our app supports you in taking positive steps in your life and to take control of your emotional wellbeing in fun and engaging ways, such as guided breathing activities and an interactive mood tracker. It is a tool to be used alongside other therapies or to compliment ongoing support, allowing users to strengthen their mental wellbeing.


  • Tips and advice for living well
  • Guided mindfulness exercises
  • Interactive mood tracker
  • Healthy recipes 
  • Employment advice 
  • Interactive resources. 

Form good habits with weekly wellbeing challenges, read positive news stories and enjoy personalised activities. 

Created by experienced mental health professionals and using proven wellbeing techniques and therapies, you can benefit from practical guidance on keeping on top of your mental health.

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Download from the Google Play Store

NEW: Tailored support for teenagers and young people

The latest update to the app includes a section specifically developed for young people. Read more here.

Happy me in 123 is a teenage friendly, interactive tool that gives young people free access to all they need to know to be able to discover and grow their own habits to happiness. Putting them in control of what’s going on inside at a time when everything outside feels so uncertain.