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Employment Support Blog - November 27 2023

The latest news and updates that our employment support team think you need to know about:

  1. New ‘Chance to Work Guarantee’ will remove barriers to work for millions 
  2. The signs you’re heading for burnout at work – and 6 ways to avoid it 
  3. From detectives to networkers: five work personality types and who is most likely to be a manager or CEO 
  4. What we know about the UK’s working-age health challenge 
  5. Work limiting” health conditions affect 3.7 million people in UK, analysis finds 
  6. Britain has one of 'meanest' welfare systems in Europe for unemployed, economist warns 
  7. What the UK government's back to work plan covers – and why it is unlikely to boost people's job prospects 
  8. Thousands of unpaid carers in London to benefit from new employment legislation

Remember, if you've not been working because of your illness, or you're employed but feel like you are struggling at work, our Employment Support Service can help.

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