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Employment Support Blog - December 4 2023

The latest news and updates that our employment support team think you need to know about:

  1. There are many reasons disabled people can’t just work from home – threatening to cut their benefits won’t fix the wider problems 
  2. Finished studies in UK? THIS visa allows you to stay, look for jobs for 2 years. 5 things to know 
  3. How minimum wage rises will affect the early years education and childcare sector 
  4. We must train people to learn, rather than to be trained 
  5. Foreign care workers invited to UK ‘exploited on grand scale’, says union 
  6. What the UK government’s back to work plan covers – and why it is unlikely to boost people’s job prospects 
  7. Christmas hiring provides boost to UK jobs market in retail and warehouse sectors

Remember, if you've not been working because of your illness, or you're employed but feel like you are struggling at work, our Employment Support Service can help.

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