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Employment Support Blog - December 11 2023

The latest news and updates that our employment support team think you need to know about:

  1. Workers with depression or anxiety lose a quarter of the year in productivity – how can HR support them? ( 
  2. Most uk workers feel assured in their job security amid skills shortages and low joblessness 
  3. Recruitment industry calls uk plans to cut migration, tighten visa rules 'disproportionate' 
  4. The 10 Most Distracting Christmas Songs to Play at Work - HR News 
  5. The push for work-life balance is fatally flawed,’ according to a 100-page report and survey of 5,000 workers. It’s all about the power of choice 
  6. New migrant rules may cause staff shortages, employers warn 
  7. Curtail Zero Hour Contracts and give workers guaranteed work hours, say researchers at the University of Warwick 
  8. Portsmouth and South Coast Business Week – A week-long festival of enterprise, providing free business events throughout the City and region 
  9. Skills Bootcamps | Solent Partners 
    Remember, if you've not been working because of your illness, or you're employed but feel like you are struggling at work, our Employment Support Service can help.

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