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Employment Support Blog - November 14 2023

The latest news and updates that our employment support team think you need to know about:

  1. Anti-bullying week 13th – 17th November - What bullying is - Bullying at work - Acas
    Anti-Bullying Week 2023: Make A Noise About Bullying ( 
  2. Travel, weather and other issues - Disruption getting to work - Acas 
  3. ‘Go forth and amplify’: Davina McCall on becoming an ‘accidental activist’ and why businesses need to support women through the menopause ( 
  4. 10 seasonal jobs to land this Christmas 
  5. Learned helplessness: today’s workforce malaise 
  6. How does your pay compare with other jobs?
  7. Over Half of UK Employees Think Annual Appraisals are Pointless or Time Consuming 
  8. Women aren’t turning to ‘lazy girl jobs’ because they’re work-shy—they’re significantly more burned out than men, major Gallup survey finds 
  9. Rise in UK employment tribunal claims alleging neurodiversity discrimination 
  10. What is the disability employment gap and why is it important?

Remember, if you've not been working because of your illness, or you're employed but feel like you are struggling at work, our Employment Support Service can help.

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