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Richard’s September Blog

It's been a summer of winning accolades at Solent Mind. Success in our major tender for Psychological Therapies with partners Southern Health NHS Trust in July, was followed by our Level 3 award (the highest) from Mind's new Quality Management system in August. Best...

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Guest Blog: Looking normal and feeling ‘normal’

My name is Imogen and I'm currently in my 2nd Year at the University of Southampton. When I was 14 years old I was diagnosed as being depressed, and at 15 anorexic. When I first came to Uni in September 2011 I thought that I was recovering. I no longer felt the...

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Chief Executive’s blog:

Is spring in the air? These are pretty bleak times for many 3rd sector organisations, and even more so for those who depend on them.  Most Local Authority and health budgets for 2011/12 have now been finalised, and in Solent Mind we are working through...

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Chief Executives Blog

Like many local people I’ve been following the news of the inquest into Michelle Connor’s death in 2008 as a patient of the old Department of Psychiatry in Southampton. And I’ve been asking myself how could heroin and alcohol be smuggled into a psychiatric hospital,...

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Chief Executive’s latest Blog

It’s been great to see and hear Mayfield on the radio, television, and in the national press. Fascinating what catches the media’s attention, and in this case it’s our Gardening on Prescription scheme.People can sign up to a programme of lectures, videos and hands-on...

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Chief Executive’s November Blog

Solent Mind was 50 years old on Saturday. We’ll be publicising our celebrations over the next few weeks on this website and elsewhere. Sadly though, our archives from the 60’s and 70’s are either lost or destroyed, but it’s a fair guess that what prompted a group of...

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Chief Executive’s August Blog

With Olympic fever now passing we can relax, count our medals, and contemplate how many Sirs and Dames Her Majesty will have to ennoble in order to treat these Olympic champions as fairly as their forerunners. And in Solent Mind we’re also asking where does mental...

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Chief Executive’s September Blog

One of my former colleagues used to think of September, rather than January, as the start of her new year. Not unusual for teachers and students but she’d worked in mental health almost all her career. And there’s a touch of the New Year about September 2012 in Solent...

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It’s good to talk, and we’re listening

It’s good to talk, we’re told. Mind has been campaigning for more investment in "talking therapies" for many years and, judging by the recent roll out of the IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) programme, with considerable success. In fact we called our...

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Richard’s November Blog

It’s not unusual for Solent Mind to be selected by a local orchestra wanting to raise money for mental health, often prompted by one or two members of the orchestra having a personal interest in mental health. On Saturday 27th October, Ocean Brass...

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Richard’s January Blog

Everyone knows that new years resolutions are a great idea - for a while at least. For most of us, good intentions have given way to reality well before the end of January. So with some trepidation my Senior Managers and I are going public with ours. This is our...

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Richard’s December Blog

Christmas gets a bad press in mental health circles. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve heard people say how they’re dreading the ordeal of Christmas, especially in the absence of family and friends, as something to be endured until January’s merciful reprieve. Even if...

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