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Schools, Colleges and Universities

Supporting Young People in Schools, Colleges and Universities

Being a young person today has lots of challenges. Pressure from exams, personal relationships and life’s ups and downs can lead to difficulties with people’s wellbeing.

Heads Up is a project which we run in local schools, colleges and universities in Southampton and The New Forest. We work to inform and educate young people about their wellbeing and mental health. We aim to equip young people with coping strategies so that they can manage their own wellbeing.

Our staff and volunteers have lived experience of mental health issues and will come to your setting to deliver a range of activities to engage with young people. We believe passionately that early intervention is the key to helping young people understand their mental wellbeing.

Here’s how we can help:

  • We speak at assemblies, parents’ evenings and staff training events, to help people learn more about young people’s mental health and challenge stigma.
  • We provide workshops in a wide range of topics including exam stress, body image, anxiety management and general mental health awareness.
  • Workshops can be tailor-made to suit your needs.
  • We offer the Decider life skills workshops for young people. This teaches coping strategies to improve young people’s wellbeing and give them the tools to manage their day to day emotions.
  • Our group work focuses on supporting specific individuals with emotional difficulties. Topics may include understanding body image, building self-confidence and coping with exam stress.

To get in touch with our Heads Up team please e-mail headsup@solentmind.org.uk or call 023 8202 7810.

Read more about Heads Up:

Information for young people: PDF

Information for teaching professionals: PDF

See our young people’s quick tips guide to maintaining your wellbeing: PDF

“Without the Heads Up project and their support I can honestly say I would definitely not be at this point in my life. I would never have had the courage to attend university and I probably would still be at the point where I would be pretending I’m okay when I really am not”
Heads Up Volunteer


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