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Local artist, Lucy Taylor, who attends Solent Mind’s Wellbeing Centre in Winchester, is exhibiting a selection of her work in the Wallspace Gallery at Winchester Discovery Centre, from Monday 17 November until Sunday 14 December 2014.

The title of the exhibition is “VOICES LIKE FISH swim around my mind.” The exhibition features, in her own words, “A collection of surreal collages & paintings by Lucy Taylor.”

Here is an introduction from Lucy herself: “My name is Lucy and I am a service user from Winchester. I find the Wellbeing Centre very helpful, with support, inspiration and the use of the art room. I feel I have definitely been on a path of recovery though I still have my ups and downs like anybody else. I completed a degree in art in 2012 which I did part-time to take the pressure off. The university were supportive and didn’t make me do anything I didn’t want to. Apart from patches of bad anxiety things have been looking up as I am currently having an exhibition of my collages and paintings. Also I now work a few hours a week in a residential home doing art with elderly people. I could not have done all this without the support of family, friends and the wellbeing centre.”

Lucy was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2002 and continues to live with the day-to-day challenges this brings.

Lucy continues to be an inspiration to both staff and other service users in Winchester.

Why not check out Lucy’s work by paying a visit to the exhibition, and buying the accompanying book which is available for purchase at the Discovery Centre. 25% of the proceeds are kindly being given by Lucy to us here at Solent Mind. Thank you Lucy!

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