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We are affiliated to Mind, the national mental health charity.

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April 2015 sees the launch of our Blue Light Programme, which will run until March 2016. This scheme has been set up to support emergency services personnel with their mental health. We know that 1 in 4 people will experience mental health problems, but the risk for those working in the emergency services increases. Not only are the hazards greater for this group, but the incidence of seeking help also falls. This is why Mind Solent will focus on support and resilience training for emergency services personnel and volunteers. This can be accessed through courses designed to offer the skills and support needed for improved mental resilience, and will be available for emergency services personnel across the Solent and Hampshire area, including police, fire, search and rescue, and ambulance workers.

Build Resilience

The Solent Mind resilience training will be rolled out as part of the wider Mind UK Blue Light scheme, which will also include other new services produced to benefit emergency services workers. Blue Light has a core focus to raise awareness of mental health problems within the emergency professions, whilst providing training, information and support, building resilience, and helping to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health. A large part of this will be the specialised anti-stigma campaign, which will focus on guidance for employers to improve support for staff. This will run alongside training packages for managers and staff, and an information helpline that can be accessed by emergency services staff and their families. These new resources will also work with Solent Mind’s pilot approach for emergency services personnel to further develop their mental health resilience.

Support Your Emergency Services

If you want to be more involved with the Blue Light Programme you can show your support by using #mybluelight across your social media networks. Spreading the word about our new programmes and the availability our new scheme for emergency services staff could help someone in need. It will also help raise awareness, breaking down the stigma of mental health and encourage people to speak out without fear. To show your continued support you can also include a link to our webpage, which will carry information about how to access all our services. For further information about our Blue Light Programme please contact kbrett@solentmind.org.uk

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