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We are affiliated to Mind, the national mental health charity.

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The sun shone on Mayfield Park last Saturday and brought many local residents of East Southampton out to take part in their community Spring into Action Event.

With loads of interactive stall for the kids to take part in Solent Mind got in on the action with their Anti Stigma Coconut Shy and Target Discrimination Football Game. Near on one hundred people came to the stall and while the kids were having a go with the games, Solent Mind staff and volunteers helped get the anti stigma message across to parents.

85% of people we spoke to said that their lives had been touched in some way by mental ill health either through a family member or friend or through their own experiences, which only backs up the statistic of 1 in 4 people experiencing mental ill health at some point in their lives. 

Over half the people we spoke to had not heard of Solent Mind as a charity or the Time to Change campaign, which demonstrates the big task ahead of us with raising awareness and indeed fundraising. So help us spread the word, start talking about mental health, direct people to the Solent Mind and Time to Change websites and facebook pages. Help us to raise money and awareness to improve the lives of our local community.

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