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We are affiliated to Mind, the national mental health charity.

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We’ve launched a new Support and Recovery Service in Partnership with Solent NHS Trust. The service, which offers help, support and practical advice to those recovering from mental health issues, was officially declared up and running by Paul Farmer, Chair of the Mental Health Taskforce and Mind’s Chief Executive at a special reception.

Paul said: “It truly has been a privilege to cut the ribbon and officially launch the Portsmouth Support and Recovery Service on behalf of Mind and the Solent NHS Trust. Talking to some of the clients the service has already and will continue to help highlights just how important a service like this one is. Meeting the service’s staff it is easy to see not only their dedication, but their genuine interest in helping their clients overcome their mental health issues.”

During the launch guests heard more about what the team does and the unique approach it takes to helping people overcome their mental health issues.

Alex Long, a member of the Support, Time and Recovery Team, is one of those who helps get people back on their feet. He said: “Setting goals gives people something tangible to focus on and a sense of achievement. Often very small changes over time can result in huge breakthroughs in areas people struggle with.”

The Recovery Service works with each of its clients on a one on one basis, allowing staff to tailor the services they offer. Its peer mentors have all experienced mental health issues themselves, so are able to provide unique support through a shared understanding, as well as the tools needed to encourage recovery.

“What makes this Recovery Service stand out is its focus on the individual. Everyone overcoming a mental health issue is on their own journey, they take steps at their own pace, and they don’t conform to a set pattern. This service offers a range of personalised support, advice and practical assistance to help aid recovery and what’s more is it does so in an understanding environment,” said Matthew Hall, Solent NHS Trust’s Adult Mental Health Services Operational Director.

Those using the service also have the opportunity to enrol at the Solent Recovery College, where trainers can help them towards successful self-management of their mental health issues. Through the Recovery College, which is also run in partnership with Highbury College, Peer Support Workers can also offer advice support and guidance drawing on their lived experience.

Richard Barritt, Solent Mind’s Chief Executive said: “The work this Recovery Service is doing is invaluable. It is giving people dealing with mental health issues the opportunity to overcome issues in a way which is right for them. It is empowering them to take control.”

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