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After finding the entrance we then had in front of us Camilla from Mind with the one and only Stephen Fry! He was getting his photo taken as we went in; we smiled and carried on walking in delight. It was getting better and better! We were greeted by waiters with wine and soft drinks and people were arriving and mingling. I couldn’t help but see in the corner of my eye lots of flashing lights, the VIPs were entering and having their photos taken by the paps outside, how glam I thought. 

It was amazing and glad to see so many famous faces attending to help raise awareness. I saw Denise Welch from Loose Women, Yasmin from A Place in the Sun, and Bill Oddy and then it got more exciting Gok Wan walked past again, one of his programmes had been shortlisted which was great! Then the celebs started rolling in, some of the cast of Emmerdale and Eastenders attended as too scenes from their soaps had been entered. After a short chat to Paul Farmer who was delighted with the turn out and was looking forward to the rest of the evening with surprises in store, we all slowly filtered in to the auditorium.

It was a lovely venue and was filling up fast, so many influential people from the media in one room all attending these awards! WOW! It then began da da! Stephen Fry was absolutely fantastic, his flare and enthusiasm for mental health awareness was influential, he really did a great job and defiantly owns his post as President of Mind. We then sat and watched clips of the entries to each award with a short speech from some influential people within the media realm, some of which had won awards previously which was great. This year it was emphasised that it was the biggest and best turn out that Mind have had and how successful it had been. This was really shown by the amount of entries in the different categories. They had such a range of different types of media from TV to internet websites, radio to Student Journalist. 

It was so overwhelming the amount of people who really do help to make a difference. The people who won looked honoured and were all taken back by the experience. I feel the winners really did deserve their awards and a hand shake from Stephen Fry. Even Sally Brampton who I have worked with previously was a finalist panel member and gave out an award.

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