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Get your copy either direct from the Charity Symphony Orchestra’s website http://www.charityso.org.uk/ or by phoning 07184305261

or Solent Mind  has a limited supply to purchase direct by downloading the order form and posting  it back to us along with your payment.  Solent Mind order form for Charity CD.doc

About the recording

‘Schuman – Symphony No.3’ is the Charity Symphony Orchestra’s first professional recording on CD with all the profits from it’s sale being donated to Solent Mind. 

Craig Lawton Chairman of the orchestra has told us why they particularly wanted Solent Mind to benefit from this year’s CD.

“2010 marked the 200th anniversary of the birth of Robert Schumann and 150th anniversary of the birth of Gustav Mahler, the two composers featured in our new CD, recorded in support of Solent Mind.

Mahler and Schumann shared a link that gave me the idea behind this project – their mental health.

Gustav Mahler suffered tragedies in his life that almost certainly are linked to his music making. From the relationship with his mother, his brother’s suicide, death of his daughter, betrayal of his wife and an unhappy love affair in early life that gave impetus to the Lieder on this CD.

For Robert Schumann, events were more dramatic. After wrestling with voices in his head and fearing he would hurt his wife Clara, Robert threw himself into the very river that inspired his Third Symphony. After surviving and being pulled from the Rhine, Schumann committed himself to an asylum where his eventually died in 1856. 

One may call it “being artistic”, but no one can deny mental health problems still plague musicians today. From practicing all day until fingers and joints are sore to the bone, or being so petrified to walk on to a stage in front of unknown faces they freeze – it all contributes to a musicians mental health.

However, we continue, because for many, music is our life and our passion. Thankfully in the 21st Century there are charities such as Solent Mind that  provide services to support people with their mental health and challenge the stigma associated with it. 

Since our inauguration in 2006, the Charity Symphony Orchestra has reached new heights and in 2010 our choice of repertoire changed direction, thus allowing us to deliver more exciting and ambitious programmes performed by our huge support of talented and devoted musicians from across the country.” 

Solent Mind Chief Executive Richard Barritt attended their concert earlier in the year and said the music was ‘outstanding, we were blown away by the talent and generosity of all the  musicians who have given their time and musical skill in support of Solent Mind.’

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