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Understanding Bipolar - Solent Recovery College

Solent Recovery College's Autumn/Winter 2021 timetable features an 'Understanding Bipolar' course co-developed by a former Recovery College student turned Peer Trainer Coordinator.

Whether you are living with Bipolar, or want to support someone who is, gaining a more complete understanding of the disorder can be a crucial first step.

Solent Recovery College’s ‘Understanding Bipolar’ is on the timetable for their Autumn/Winter 2021 semester, Friday, 15 October. The course will examine:

Former Solent Recovery College student turned Peer Training Coordinator, Rebecca, has Bipolar. She has found that educating herself helped her to understand the disorder better, and live with its day-to day challenges:

“I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1997. For years, my treatment was based solely on medication, which was helpful, except it made me feel like treatment was something being done TO me.

“When I came to the Recovery College in 2013, all that changed. I learned how I could influence my own mental health with knowledge and coping techniques.”

Rebecca co-developed the ‘Understanding Bipolar’, using her own personal experiences and story as a platform to educate others.

“I co-developed the Understanding Bipolar course with that ethos in mind. Understanding Bipolar explains the ins and outs of this much-misunderstood diagnosis,” Rebecca explained.

“Whether you want to learn more for yourself or someone you support, I encourage you to attend this course.”

To enrol into the Solent Recovery College, visit the following link and click ‘Register Now’:

Once you’ve enrolled, register for the ‘Understanding Bipolar’ course by emailing the Solent Recovery College on, alternatively you can text or call on 07971 348 555.

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