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Student film shines a light on mental health

Looking after your mental health can look like... pursuing a passion project, as a group of Solent University students have found.

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, we are celebrating all the things you can do to look after your mental health.

For a group of students from Solent University; Putting time and effort into a passion project, in this case telling a story of mental health, is looking after their mental health.

At the end of 2021, Film Production students visited Solent Mind Head Office to discuss their short film project with our team. Solent Mind Marketing and External Communications Manager, Alice Reid, said: "A big part of what we believe in is lived experience being at the heart of everything we do. A project like this being led by young people with their own experiences of mental health problems is something we love to see."

‘Red Wine Stains’ shines a light on mental health, loneliness, and shows a relatable representation of a woman taking a light hearted view on a her struggles despite the pain it causes her deep down.

With the film now completed, and submitted for their university project, the team have shared with us how contributing and taking part in the project has helped them.

"Working on this film was extremely enlightening. It allowed me to talk about my past with support and confidence and creating such a personal piece makes me proud that I can share a message to people who have dealt with the same issues as myself." - Lucy Jobson (Director)

“I’ve honestly loved being a part of this amazing shoot with likeminded people who have pushed me to be my very best. This talented Crew has given me a chance to express myself through my experiences with mental health and allowed me to show that through the lens of Red Wine Stains, I couldn’t be happier with my appreciated work as cinematographer” - Zachary Chambers (Camera Operator)

"Depicting the steps to recovery is often overlooked in film, it's never a straight line towards the end and making a film that shows it's okay to fall back a few steps feels important to show" - Six Kent (Cinematographer)

“Working on this film has given me more insight into mental health and how it can affect people. I hope when others watch it, it helps them as well.” - Jade Harris (Editor)

"Working together with the crew of red wine stains we were able to create a heartfelt film depicting a true story, very personal to both crew and me. Helping bring the film to life as the sound designer has been an honour and a privilege as I hope the film helps bring to light the struggles people face with mental health" - Harry Creasy (Sound Designer)

If you want to see the finished product (Trigger Warning: Strong language and conversation around mental illness/health), it is available through the teams social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook, you can also check our their website.

If you are in need of mental health support, take a look at our page for finding support, and our services.

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