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Solent Mind launches new campaign as demand for mental health services continues to grow

Hampshire’s largest mental health charity, Solent Mind, has launched its new ‘Thrive Inside’ campaign, to help more people incorporate daily habits and routines into their everyday life to take care of themselves from the inside out.

As part of the campaign, Solent Mind will be sharing tips, advice and services to promote good mental health by focusing on areas of wellbeing such as self-care, movement, sleep hygiene and connection throughout May.

The campaign comes as demand for mental health services continues to grow across local Hampshire communities.

Solent Mind has revealed that it supported more than 44,000 locals last year - with anxiety and depression the most common mental health difficulties and impacting roughly one in four people.

Sally Arscott, CEO of Solent Mind, said: “The number of people locally who are experiencing a mental health issue is continuing to grow, making our purpose to ensure everyone can develop positive mental wellbeing, live well and thrive ever more important.

“We know how much of an impact self-care, sleep, movement and connection in particular can have on people’s mental health, and so we hope our new ‘Thrive Inside’ campaign will help more people improve these things for better mental health.”

Thrive Inside will coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week (13-19 May), which is this year focusing on the theme of movement. As such, Sally says that encouraging people to move more for their mental health will be a particular focus for the Solent Mind’s new campaign.

Sally continues: “Physical activity and movement are a vital way to support people to live well and stay well, but many people who do want to move more are being held back by their mental health. However, the best thing about physical activity is that it doesn’t have to be intense.”

As part of its new campaign, Sally says the charity will show that incorporating even the smallest of movements into your everyday routine can make a huge difference to your overall health and wellbeing, and provide tips and ideas to help people find what works for them.

“We are also continuing to work with fellow Hampshire charity, Energise Me, to increase opportunities for people to connect with each other and their local area through groups and activities, such as gardening, walking and volunteering.

“And, we’ll soon be announcing a new partnership with another locally based organisation for an exciting Southampton city-wide initiative, which will aim to connect people and movement for better mental health,” teases Sally.

For more information about Solent Mind’s ‘Thrive Inside’ campaign and mental health support, visit our Thrive Inside page here

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