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A new vision for a new world

Solent Mind CEO Kevin Gardner discusses our new organisational strategy, website and how they fit into a new era of mental health support.


Thanks for visiting Solent Mind’s new website.

In mental health - as with many aspects of life right now - times are changing. Fast.

We have been reassessing our objectives in a world where the future is uncertain and change is volatile. We have reviewed the consultation exercise we conducted last winter (thank you to everyone who took part!) and the research on the long term mental health impact of Covid-19. We have reflected on how service delivery has changed since lockdown, and the opportunities to reach more people through digital means. Black Lives Matter has highlighted how the pace of change in tackling fundamental inequalities and racism needs greater urgency.

At Solent Mind, we want to see a world where everyone experiencing a mental health issue gets support and respect. We’re here to make sure people have someone to turn for advice, information and support. This new website has a central role to play, giving clear and helpful communication during a period of change, and accessible advice and information fit for a new era of mental health support.

We have four areas of strategic priority or “pillars” to guide our work over the period 2020-23 - a period when society will undoubtedly see further considerable change. While each pillar has its own distinct focus, all four combine to support our overall ambitions:

Pillar 1: High Quality Services 

“We will deliver high quality services that help prevent people becoming unwell and, where they do, help them recover and live safe and well in their communities”

We provide services to aid prevention and recovery, and to give people hope. We will develop these across a range of platforms – a safe, face-to-face element in one-to-one and groups, alongside greater digital, telephone and self-help support, including information accessible through this website. The service user will be in a position of choice and control – accessing the support they need at a time and in a format that suits their needs.

We will address the needs of those groups whose mental health is particularly affected by the pandemic, including young people and families, women, BAME communities and those facing financial pressures. We will seek to reduce the numbers of people reaching crisis, facing hospital admissions and at risk of suicide. We will gather information on levels of demand and gaps in services, to support lobbying for the commissioning of new services, and to help us evaluate our impact.

Pillar 2: Community Partnerships

“We will work collaboratively alongside partner organisations to build networks and resilience in local communities that help people to stay well”

We will develop more partnerships with individuals and organisations across the public, private and third sectors, who have the skills, resources, experience, reputation, connections and track record to complement our own. By working collaboratively, we can deliver more value for commissioners and funders, and better outcomes for people. We will develop networks and relationships with NHS and community-based organisations to support the NHS Long Term Plan and, in areas served by Primary Care Networks, develop existing and new capacity in local communities for self-help and support.

Pillar 3: Leading Change

“We will lead positive change to tackle the underlying causes of poor mental health by influencing those commissioning local community services and by campaigning with Mind on national issues”

We will promote greater awareness of the social and economic factors that cause poor mental health, work with our supporters to identify gaps in service coverage and lobby for positive change. We will draw upon the rich vein of personal lived experience of mental health issues within the Solent Mind community to raise our voice and impact.

We will work with those in BAME communities and others facing multiple disadvantage, to raise awareness of fundamental health inequalities and learn how we can be more effective in combatting racism.

We will build on our reputation with commissioners and partners as a reliable, trusted and professional contributor to local strategic service planning, ensuring that the needs and perspective of service users is advocated at strategic levels, including our own.

We will work with National Mind and the Mind network to play our part in campaigning to bring about change on national issues that impact on local communities, through change in legislation, policy and attitudes affecting mental health.

Pillar 4: Trust Through Excellence

“We will promote trust in our organisation through excellence, transparency, sound governance and effective management of our resources”

We will seek to build and retain the trust and confidence of service users, members, staff, partners, commissioners, donors, and fund raisers. We will maintain focus on service quality, safeguarding, workforce wellbeing, achieving and maintaining independent quality accreditations and keeping up with best practice. Sound governance and management of our resources is key, as is compliance with the requirements of regulators, such as the Charity Commission and the Fundraising Regulator.

Solent Mind calling….

If you share our vision and are keen to support us make it an everyday reality, we would love to hear from you.

Kevin Gardner

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