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Let's Talk Mate

We've launched a monthly men's mental health chat, Let's Talk Mate, where local people who identify as male, get together to discuss topics around mental health.

Let’s Talk Mate is a new men’s mental health chat show created by Solent Mind aimed at getting more men talking openly about their mental health.

Did you know?

We want to increase awareness about men’s mental health in Hampshire and get more men talking openly and honestly about issues. We want to reduce stigma and encourage more local men to reach out and seek support.

Each month our chat will focus on a different issue related to men's mental health, and will feature a small group of men from the local area. 

"You guys are doing a fantastic job of sharing this stuff. Very proud and humbled by your passion and openness, thanks so much.”

Take a look at our previous two episodes below, plus some powerful blogs about men's mental health. 


Let's Talk Mate - Episode 1
Let's Talk Mate - Episode 2
Let's Talk Mate - Episode 3

Harrison's Story

Keen cyclist Harrison Read from Southampton has struggled with anxiety and depression from the age of 13. Last year he made an inspirational documentary interviewing people who had sought solace in cycling. Here he shares his story

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Rob's Story

When a bike accident forced keen runner Rob Shenton to stop exercise, he had to draw on coping skills he had built up over the years to help him recover both mentally and physically. The army veteran, who is also a member of Southampton Athletics Club, says getting out in nature during his recovery helped lift him out of a potentially damaging low mood. Here, he shares his story.

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David's Story

David opens up about how he has struggled with his mental health and how taking that first step to getting help is so important. Read his story here.

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