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First time flyer skydives for Solent Mind

Sonia James, 59 from Totton, hasn't never been on a plane in her life but for her 60th birthday she will be skydiving in support of Solent Mind.

Sonia James is 59 years old and has never been on a plane, but for her 60th birthday she will be jumping out of one.

On July 19 2021, the Totton resident will be sky diving in aid of Solent Mind to celebrate the day she reaches her 60s, she said: “I am very excited at the moment, I am hoping that will not change nearer the time!

“There is no reason why I haven’t been on a plane, it is not really a fear, I hate the thought of a busy airport though. I have never been in a position to anyway, financially or not being the right time; busy raising kids, or not wanting to leave our beloved whippets with anyone.”

The skydive was a birthday present from her husband and Sonia made the decision for this landmark moment in her life, to also raise money for Solent Mind, as previous experience with the services has helped her in personal battles she has faced.

She explained: “I have struggled with my mental health since about 10 years of age but my mental health took a turn for the worse in 2008.”

It was the loss of one of her previously mentioned whippets to cancer that led Sonia to seek help with her GP and was later referred to Solent Mind: “Solent Mind is a great charity helping so many people including myself, I want to give a bit back.

“The wellbeing service in Hythe (Marcella House) is a brilliant service, I have attended lots of the courses over the last few years, staff there are wonderful and so supportive. It is a place to feel safe and with no judgement at all.”

Sonia has already raised £260 for Solent Mind, and if you wish to donate, click the following link:

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