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Dealing with change at work?

Are you facing a change in your workplace? It could be a new job, a promotion or a new office or location – all of this can seem overwhelming. Solent Mind is here to help!

Our ‘Dealing with Change’ workplace wellbeing workshop can help you to identify, breakdown and manage change through a number of techniques such as:

New Solent Mind Fundraising Manager Mark knows all about change after moving to Southampton recently. He says: “My new job is a huge step up for me, with Solent Mind being a far larger organisation than I have previously worked in and this being my first management role. 

“I am also someone that doesn’t tend to self-analyse feelings and sitting here writing this response is making me comprehend the scale of changes I have faced and that perhaps it has impacted me more than I realised.”

Mark moved to Southampton in September 2020, with the country still going in and out of lockdowns and ever-changing restrictions, all adding to the uncertainty which was already in abundance.

“This was an entirely new city to us both, meaning we had no local friends. This was combined with the repeated lockdowns and working from home. I have found this isolating and more challenging than I would normally care to admit.

“Being far away from my family, who all live in mid Wales, has not been easy and I miss being able to pop over,” Mark explained.

While this wasn’t the first time he had moved away from home, as he also did so for university, Mark felt the ‘comradery between freshers’ and being surrounded by people going through a similar thing was massively beneficial to him.

He advises: “A priority for me in times when I am feeling overwhelmed by stress due to change is to compartmentalise. What can you control? What can you not control?

“I will then build a step by step plan of action to overcome the challenge. Sometimes it’s good to start with the really easy things to give you a sense of motivation and then slowly build up to the more challenging tasks.”

Solent Mind Training Coordinator, Mandy Wiltshire, advises the following tips:

For more advice around change, join our ‘Dealing with Change’ workplace wellbeing training, find more information here:

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