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Mind’s Election Manifesto was published well before the campaign began. Before we cast our votes on Thursday here’s a reminder of what we’re saying in Mind we want an incoming Government to do:

In the first 100 days

  • Tackle stigma and discrimination and support Time to Change
  • Talking therapies available within 28 days

In the first year

  • Safe, speedy access to crisis care
  • Transform support for people with mental health issues who are not working

Within 5 years

  • Increase the mental health budget by 10% in 5 years
  • Implement a national strategy for wellbeing and resilience

Mental health has had a much higher profile this election than in past elections, with crisis care, parity of esteem and waiting times getting plenty of airtime, and specific policies emerging even in the last few days on mental health care for pregnant women and new mums. Mind’s manifesto demands have won a measure of support from almost all the parties during the campaign.

But mental health doesn’t just depend on health policy, or even social care policy. Welfare policy is critical obviously, but so too is access to decent housing and jobs, access to justice, immigration policy which doesn’t threaten entire communities, mental health promotion for young people through education: these all play a vital role in our mental wellbeing.

Whichever party or parties it emerges after Thursday that we have placed our collective trust in for the next 5 years, every candidate should have realised by now that mental health wasn’t just an election issue and it won’t go away. In Mind and across the mental health world we look forward to holding this next government to account for delivering their commitments and transforming mental health care over the next 5 years.

To read more about Mind’s Election Manifesto, visit Mind’s General Election pages.

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