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During the coronavirus pandemic it’s been hard for traditional fundraising events to take place. Our fantastic supporters have been finding amazing, creative new ways to fundraise for us instead! Take a look at our Online Fundraising page to find out some more great ideas!

Music can have a massive impact on your wellbeing, it can lift your spirits or be cathartic. We’ve had some amazing artists supporting us, some of who have written and recorded songs to fundraise for Solent Mind and spread awareness of mental health!

We’ve even put together a Spotify playlist of all these great tracks! Click here to listen.

Harrison Rhys – Darkness

Harrison was inspired by the many stories in the news about mental health issues and the impact it’s had on people close to him. The idea behind the song is to show that there are others out there feeling the same and that it is ok to open up and talk about mental health. When lockdown started he was working on another couple of singles, but as he knew it would be a difficult time for many people it felt like right time for Darkness to be released. The track has even been featured on BBC South Today, along with radio plays on Express FM and BBC Radio Solent!

Click here to visit Harrison’s JustGiving page.

Myriad – I Walk

Lead singer David says: “I Walk is about a teacher I had at my primary school. He was an extremely kind, caring and compassionate man. When I was at the age of about 4 or 5, before I had even picked up a musical instrument, he was the very first person to suggest to my parents that I might have some kind of musical talent. One day he wasn’t at school, and I didn’t really understand why at the time. I’ll always miss the way he would play guitar in assemblies whilst we sang along to the songs on the projector. I think this song is a way of making things feel a little better.”

Click here to visit Myriad’s JustGiving page
Watch the video for I Walk

Pioneers – Feeling Blue

Pioneers were generous enough to release this track to support Solent Minds emergency coronavirus response campaign, raising money to help us respond to the crisis. Feeling Blue was one of the first tracks they played together as a band and stands for hope and that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Click here to visit Pioneers’ JustGiving page.

If you are a musician and are thinking of doing something similar then we would love to hear from you! Get in touch with our friendly fundraising team at fundraising@solentmind.org.uk

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