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Solent Mind - Our approach - Recovery Focussed, Person-Centred and Individual

Our approach

Recovery focussed, person-centred and individual


Mind has a working definition of recovery which comes from the National Institute of Mental Health in America. It says recovery is:

“The uniquely personal and ongoing act of claiming and gaining the capacity to take control of life that is personally meaningful and satisfying, with opportunities to perceive her/himself as a valued citizen. The person may develop and use their self-determination to grow beyond and thrive, despite the presence of the limitations and challenges invited and imposed by distress, its treatment and the personal and environmental understandings made of them.”

The recovery ‘model’ requires a change of approach on the part of both the professional and the service user. Service users have to be prepared to step out of the ‘sick role’ and start to regard themselves as autonomous people with the ability to come through a period of mental distress and develop their individuality, self awareness and self acceptance. Professionals need also to look at a person’s potential; to stop being managers and start being facilitators. They need to start looking first at a person’s potential for development rather than at how their mental distress may restrict their lives.

The recovery approach aims to see service users as complete people who have the capacity to cope with their distress in such a way that they are able to participate in a full life, developing self esteem and self determination, including, for example, being allowed to make their own mistakes, and learning from them – just as the majority of people do in our society. It aims to focus on identifying realistic life goals for service users and enabling them to achieve them.

We at Solent Mind adhere to this approach in the delivery of all of our services, which are highly personalised and always place the individual at the very centre of all we do.


Our approach to service delivery is a highly personalised one, offering increased choice and control to service users by way of the setting of goal focussed outcomes and the service user taking some responsibility for achieving them, with the support of our staff and sometimes other service users. It is how we then measure these and then what we do with the information that will help improve service delivery alongside the continuous improvement in place via quality measurements.

The main way in which we apply this approach is through support planning, which is common in many of our services. This process is client led from the very beginning, and each service user is responsible for identifying from the outset what their aspirations are with regard to what they want to achieve within their time in the service.

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