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Friday, 4 August 2017
On 20th July 2017, Chester Bennington, Frontman of the band, Linkin Park, died after taking his own life. The singer had struggled with substance misuse and poor mental health for years, and had experienced abuse as a child.
Kevin Gardner - My First 100 Days
Wednesday, 19 July 2017
I reached a milestone recently in my role here as Chief Executive of Solent Mind – the completion of my first 100 days. At points like this I think it’s good to take stock, consider what I have learned and what I have achieved.
Making Better Mental Health an Election Issue
Wednesday, 10 May 2017
It was with some surprise recently, on checking my phone between meetings, that I found #generalelection suddenly trending on social media.
Kevin Gardner Hello blog
Monday, 3 April 2017
Welcome to the first post on my new blog! Firstly, let me say how great it feels to have joined Solent Mind as the new Chief Executive.
Richard Barritt goodbye blog
Monday, 27 March 2017
Someone asked me recently how mental health services had changed over the last 20 years, my tenure as CEO of Solent Mind. Though loathe to admit it, I go back even longer in mental health.
'New Year, Old Me'
Friday, 27 January 2017
Hi, I'd like to share my post update with you guys - maybe it can help others with hope for recovery xx
Richard’s Blog May 2016
Tuesday, 17 May 2016
World Mental Health Week has become a bit of a global phenomenon, celebrated in 150 countries from Australia to Zambia. So what is there to celebrate here in the UK?
We came, we saw, we conquered our fears!
Wednesday, 27 April 2016
Back in the winter, the two of us agreed to challenge ourselves to do a fundraising run for Solent Mind. We chose the ABP Southampton 10K, sent off our entry forms and pulled on our trainers. Our Blog.
Friday, 18 December 2015
As I write this I’m thinking about those of us who, for whatever reason, struggle at this time of year
Thursday, 13 August 2015
It’s been a very busy few months at Solent Mind, Jane Harvey, Head of Home Support gives us an update on what’s been happening.