Older People

As we get older, people’s decline in their physical health means they can struggle to perform the day to day tasks many of us take for granted. Having difficulty with basic tasks can have a significant impact upon mental health and wellbeing. Some people may also find they develop a mental health condition as they get older or find their condition more difficult to cope with.

Portsmouth Older Persons Mental Health Reablement Outreach
How we help

We support older people to relearn the everyday skills we all rely upon, to enable them be safe and remain at home. We give people the tools to cope when things feel difficult and show them what sources of support are available to them. Traditional approaches to care have often focused too much upon doing things for the person rather than supporting them to re-learn living skills. Our focus is upon building confidence and enabling people to be independent at home. We aim to build self esteem, positivity and help people socialise – all are crucial to mental wellbeing.

Who we work with

We help people who are Aged 65 and over, have a mental health diagnosis and live in Portsmouth City (Postcode areas PO1 – PO6)

How we work

  • We offer one to one help for people with a mental health problem living in Portsmouth City for a 6-8 week period.
  • We visit people in their homes, or in a public place to carry out an initial assessment. Sometimes this will also involve a joint meeting with a partner agency to handover or provide help together.
  • A plan is drawn up for the time support is given.
  • We communicate with family, carers and professionals, according to our cilent’s wishes about the work we’re doing.
  • We work with clients on a ‘personal wellness tool’ to help them identify what can improve their mental health. For those with memory problems, we encourage completion and use of the ‘This is Me’ document.
  • We advise and refer to other sources of support in the community.

How to contact us

Anyone can contact us for help, whether it is for you, a friend or family member. Professionals can also refer on the behalf of someone.

If you would like to make a referral, please contact us on:

telephone: 07436 166 354
e-mail: Remind@solentmind.org.uk

We respond to all referrals and enquiries within five working days.

Our ‘Older Persons Mental Health (OPMH) Reablement Outreach’ Project is funded by the Department of Health and commissioned by Portsmouth City Council.